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The deepest known ocean virus lives under 29,000 of water

Popular Science 25 Sep 2023
A high-density field of corals, including the spiraling Iridogorgia magnispiralis ... NOAA ... This new phage works by infecting bacteria in the phylum Halomonas, which are commonly found in sediments deep seas and the geyser-like openings on the seafloor that release streams of hot water called hydrothermal vents ... ....

Group uses high-res satellite images to map Yellowstone's hot spots

Ravalli Republic 22 Sep 2023
Red arrows in the winter image point to large zones of open water, indicating either nearshore springs or underwater hydrothermal vents, but there are also many smaller zones of open water that are conspicuous.

Matsya 6000: Features of Samudrayaan mission vehicle that will go 6 kms below sea explained

DNA India 22 Sep 2023
India is now prepared to dive 6,000 metres beneath the ocean's surface following a successful mission to the Moon. Union Minister Kiren Rijiju recently shared details about the Matsya 6000 submersible, a key part of India's Samudrayaan mission ... - Investigate chemosynthetic biodiversity in hydrothermal vents and methane seeps ... Significance. ... .

Brand New Virus Discovered In Depths Of The Mariana Trench

IFL Science 21 Sep 2023
Life is surprisingly persistent in the Mariana Trench, the deepest place on Earth ... Advertisement ... It infects Halomonas, a group (or more accurately, genus) of bacteria that are often found in the deep sea and at hydrothermal vents and are thought to play an important role in these environments. . Related Stories ... Advertisement ... .

Pacific Ocean to become centre of REE mining on deep sea shelf

Resource World 21 Sep 2023
By Eugene Gerden ... Konstantin Ranks commented, “This is not a shelf. The shelf is up to 200 meters ... In addition, uncontrolled deep-sea mining could cause unpredictable consequences for the ocean ecosystem due to the possible destruction of hydrothermal vents and possible damage to various forms of marine life and biodiversity ....

Norway's Aker BP may explore for seabed minerals, CEO says

Reuters 20 Sep 2023
Mineral-rich massive sulphide deposits have been formed by so-called hydrothermal vents along mid-ocean ridges, where unique species are also found living near active vents ... not target the active hydrothermal wells, because of potential environmental impact," Hersvik said.

An unknown virus has emerged from the deepest place on Earth

Metro UK 20 Sep 2023
Getty) ... ‘Viruses, in this case.’ ... The viruses attack bacteria often found around deep see vents (Picture. Getty) ... The new virus, catchily named vB_HmeY_H4907, infects a group of bacteria known as Halomonas, which are often found in sediments from the deep seas and from hydrothermal vents, openings on the seafloor that release streams of heated water.

A chunk of asteroid is coming to Earth

Economist 20 Sep 2023
ON SEPTEMBER 24TH, if all goes according to plan, scientists will hit Earth with part of an asteroid ... \nAstronomers take a great interest in asteroids ... water ... On Earth these are found, among other places, near deep-sea hydrothermal vents. Such vents, which provide a steady stream of chemical energy, are one candidate for the origins of Earthly life ... ■ .

A newly identified virus emerges from the deep

Phys Dot Org 20 Sep 2023
"Viruses, in this case." ... "To our best knowledge, this is the deepest known isolated phage in the global ocean," said Wang. The newly found phage infects bacteria in the phylum Halomonas, which are often found in sediments from the deep seas and from hydrothermal vents, geyser-like openings on the seafloor that release streams of heated water ... ....

How Geologic Factors Generate El Nino And La Nina Events

Principia Scientific 20 Sep 2023
The Source Point’s area is one of the most geologically active regions on Earth because it is home to the junction of five extremely active major fault systems, the second largest ocean floor lava plateau on Earth, hundreds of ocean floor volcanoes, and a tremendous number of ocean floor hydrothermal vents.

Researchers illuminate 'Snowball Earth' melting and early life evolution

Phys Dot Org 18 Sep 2023
A research team led by Prof ... This study introduced a new perspective, suggesting that the melting of "Snowball Earth" induced large-scale volcanic activities ... The study results indicate that during the initial stages of the "Snowball Earth" thawing, the chemical composition of seawater was primarily influenced by hydrothermal venting on the seafloor.

We Checked in With the Scientists Who Discovered That Mysterious "Orb" Thing Two Miles Underwater

Futurism 18 Sep 2023
A delicate coral, the color of a cherry blossom or a peony, moves gently with the water, each of its intricate arms outfitted with curled, spindle-like fingers ... There's life everywhere, but roughly two miles under the surface, it's not like we're used to ... "Sometimes they are beautiful and highly photogenic like deep-sea corals or hydrothermal vents.

Portsmouth exhibition celebrates Royal Navy’s role in ocean exploration

The Observer 17 Sep 2023
Photograph. Matthew PJ Clark/National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth ... Exhibits include original samples from the HMS Challenger expedition such as starfish (sea stars) and tube worms that live on the floor of the Pacific Ocean near hydrothermal vents, fissures through which geothermally heated water discharges.skip past newsletter promotion ... .

Five amazing ocean sites to make the first protected high seas areas

The Observer 15 Sep 2023
... Fund for Nature (WWF) UK.The Lost City hydrothermal field. A deep-sea jelly fish near the Imax vent in the Lost City – ‘unlike any other ecosystem’ on Earth ... There are 30 huge hydrothermal vent chimneys rising from the seafloor ... A hydrothermal vent field in the mid-Atlantic ridge.

Why does Norway want to mine the seabed?

Reuters 14 Sep 2023
Life does, however, exist and scientists have found unique species living around active hydrothermal vents, such as corals, tube worms and microorganisms ... Companies say they plan to extract minerals from inactive hydrothermal vents, where biodiversity is less abundant, but some ...

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