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Into the abyss, and discovering a new world

LI Herald 14 Oct 2021
Some octopuses probably could score better than I did on an SAT. It’s hard to figure, though, since they can’t hold a pen or read the questions, but that’s just me being human-centric ... These precious life forms swim among singular geological formations like hydrothermal vents in the bottom of the oceans ... Copyright 2021 Randi Kreiss ... .

Sea cucumber has modified genes to help it live on hydrothermal vents

New Scientist 12 Oct 2021
A sea cucumber called Chiridota heheva lives on deep-sea vents and cold seeps where there is little oxygen, and has evolved to survive in these toxic environments ... .

There’s Enough Sunlight Getting Through Venus’ Clouds to Support High-Altitude Life

Technology Org 06 Oct 2021
Night image of Venus. CreditISAS / JAXA ... Dr ... Dr ... Energy levels from heat would be similar to sunlight levels experienced near hydrothermal vents in the ocean on Earth. Usually thought of as an alternative fuel source to solar power, these vents also house some life forms that use photosynthesis as their primary energy source ... Reference.. R ... Source ... ....

‘Antithetical to science’: When deep-sea research meets mining interests

Mongabay 04 Oct 2021
Van Dover is a prolific deep-sea biologist, an oceanographer who has logged hundreds of dives to the seafloor. In 2004, Nautilus invited Van Dover and her students to characterize ecosystems in the Manus Basin off Papua New Guinea, a potential mining site with ephemeral hydrothermal vents teeming with life in the deep ocean.

Caldera chronicles: Sediment cores from bottom of Yellowstone Lake offer insight to hydrothermal features

Montana Standard 01 Oct 2021
Although hidden from the view of many visitors to Yellowstone National Park, the floor of Yellowstone Lake has many hydrothermal features ... Both Mary Bay and Elliott’s Crater continue to have active hydrothermal vents today ... • A vent area on the North Basin Hydrothermal Dome to sample stiff, hydrothermally altered mud that caps the dome.

What We Are Reading Today: The Extreme Life of the Sea

Arab News 01 Oct 2021
Authors. Anthony R. Palumbi & Stephen R. Palumbi ... It dives into the icy Arctic and boiling hydrothermal vents—and exposes the eternal darkness of the deepest undersea trenches—to show how marine life thrives against the odds ... It describes how ... ....

Splatoon 3 Reveals Another New Stage, 2 New Weapons

GamingBolt 01 Oct 2021
One of the new stages that’ll be added in�Splatoon 3�is Scorch Gorge, a map dominated by towering rock formations that were, allegedly, at one point underwater hydrothermal vents but can now be seen on land due to “changes in the planet’s surface.”. Meanwhile, a couple new special weapons have also been revealed ... .

Rogue Planets Could be Habitable

Universe Today 01 Oct 2021
The only planet we know of with life is Earth and sunlight fuels life here ... Earth hosts entire biological communities near hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor. These vents are called black smokers, and they produce a stream of minerals that serve as food for chemosynthetic bacteria ... Life without energy from a star could rely on hydrothermal vents ... .

Fe-catalyzed sulfide oxidation in hydrothermal plumes is a source of reactive oxygen species to the ...

PNAS 30 Sep 2021
However, hydrothermal vents emit globally significant inventories of ...

Promoting the power of viral metagenomics

Phys Dot Org 30 Sep 2021
Currently one of the best ways to study such viruses is by sequencing the bulk DNA or RNA contained in a sample that has been collected from any kind of environment you can think of—animal intestines (including humans), grassland soils, even deep-sea hydrothermal vents—and ...

‘Shark calling’: locals claim ancient custom threatened by seabed mining

The Observer 30 Sep 2021
To catch a shark in the waters off Papua New Guinea, first the men sing. They sing the names of their ancestors and their respects to the shark ... Race to the bottom ... Read more ... deep-sea mining ... Photograph ... Nautilus had been granted a licence by the government of PNG to drill for seafloor massive sulphide (SMS) deposits around hydrothermal vents ... Read more.

The blindfolded rush to deep-sea mining

Taipei Times 30 Sep 2021
One of the largest mining operations ever seen on Earth aims to despoil an ocean scientists are only barely beginning to understand. By Jonathan Watts / The Guardian ... Illustration. Mountain People ... Most are found near hydrothermal vents or in rock concretions known as olymetallic nodules that can be as big as a fist or as small as a fleck of skin ... .

Covid tests and superbugs: why the deep sea is key to fighting pandemics

The Observer 29 Sep 2021
Underwater ecosystems such as volcanic mountains, hydrothermal vents and deep-sea trenches are still poorly understood ... Enzymes found in bacteria living around hydrothermal vents are even being used in tests for the Covid virus ... The ecosystem around one hydrothermal vent ... Snails with armoured scales have been found near hydrothermal vents.

Trigon Metals Provides Progress Update on Silver Hill Project, Morocco

Eagle-Tribune 29 Sep 2021
Work has focused on mapping and remote sensing, identifying signatures for mineralization in the drilled discovery area, and the new hydrothermal vent mineralization discovered in the high-grade trench, 1.5km from the discovery zone ... high-grade hydrothermal vent mineralization.

‘False choice’: is deep-sea mining required for an electric vehicle revolution?

The Observer 28 Sep 2021
At the Goodwood festival of speed near Chichester, the crowds gathered at the hill-climb circuit to watch the world’s fastest cars roar past, as they do every year ... a rich source of nickel, copper, manganese and cobalt ... Show ... Underwater ecosystems such as volcanic mountains, hydrothermal vents and deep-sea trenches are still poorly understood ... USGS ... .