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Life Could Spread Across The Galaxy On Cosmic Dust, Wild New Paper Suggests

IFL Science 19 Feb 2024
There are a number of ideas about how life began on Earth, with the most likely being that it emerged in hydrothermal vents in the oceans billions of years in the past. But not all theories have Earth as the beginning place of life on Earth ...   ... .

Subglacial microbial life on Earth and beyond

Phys Dot Org 19 Feb 2024
They are also metabolically diverse and can thrive in environments that we humans deem extreme—such as at the bottom of the ocean in piping-hot hydrothermal vents, in extremely salty lakes, and even within rocks. Europa—an icy Jupiter moon ... In Sept.

A shallow lake in Canada may represent the origin of life on Earth

The Cleveland American 18 Feb 2024
(CNN) — Imagine a completely sterile world. Before you is a volcanic landscape devoid of flora and fauna. Scattered across this gray and black landscape are shallow water bodies ... ... Another is that life began in hydrothermal vents in the deep ocean.

A shallow lake in Canada could point to the origin of life on Earth

CNN 17 Feb 2024
Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. Imagine an entirely barren world ... Another is that life began in hydrothermal vents in the deep sea ... .

UMF students explore climate change and potential way to store excess CO2 in the ocean

Bangor Daily News 15 Feb 2024
However, in places under the ocean where this rock is accessible due to fracturing, the natural process of locking dissolved carbon into mineral carbon occurs at some hydrothermal vents.

Bacteria Found 1,250 Meters Under Earth Can Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Crystals

IFL Science 14 Feb 2024
The two other species were a Geobacillus species, which is also adapted to high heat and pressure, and Persephonella marina, a “hyperthermophile” found living in the hydrothermal vents of the ...

Saturn’s “Death Star Moon” Mimas Probably has an Ocean Too

Universe Today 14 Feb 2024
... sunlight due to their outer surfaces, scientists hypothesize that the internal heat that creates the ocean could also harbor hydrothermal vents where life has been observed to exist here on Earth.

Young Mars Might Have Had More Earth-Like Volcanic Activity Than We Thought

IFL Science 12 Feb 2024
... that might have supported life, similar to the proposed scenario for the formation of life on Earth that sees seafloor and land-based hydrothermal vents as the place where the first lifeforms evolved.

2024 Marks an Important Year in NASA’s Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Time Magazine 12 Feb 2024
Making the case for biology stronger still is the possible presence of hydrothermal vents on Europa’s ocean floor ... “It’s not just unicellular life [around Earth’s hydrothermal vents],” says Niebur ... .

Scientists Baffled After Finding 4 Gigantic Mountains Lurking Under the Ocean

Futurism 08 Feb 2024
Underwater Mountain ... Gravity Anomalies ... Last year, an international team of scientists, including Virmani, discovered a deep-sea octopus nursery near a low-temperature hydrothermal vent by a previously unknown seamount off the coast of Costa Rica ... ....

New creature emerges from forest drowned by Gulf of Mexico

Deccan Herald 08 Feb 2024
It resembled the giant mussels found at deep-sea hydrothermal vents 1,500 feet below the ocean’s surface, which have gills that contain bacteria that let the mussels gain nutrients from corrosive hydrogen sulfide bubbling from the Earth’s crust.

GMGI Appoints Dr. Andrew Gardner as Inaugural Chief Scientific Officer

Victoria Advocate 07 Feb 2024
GLOUCESTER, Mass., Feb ... Dr ... As CSO, Dr ... "We are delighted to have Dr ... Dr ... The foundational genomics research at GMGI highlights the incredible diversity of life in the oceans from Gloucester Harbor to Stellwagen Bank to deep sea hydrothermal vents.

Dr. Robert Ballard, Renowned Oceanographer andnMarine Geologist, to Receive 2024 Horatio Alger Award

The Eagle-Tribune 07 Feb 2024
WASHINGTON, Feb ... Robert D ... Dr ... Dr ... Dr ... At his request, he was transferred from the Army into the U.S ... Dr. Ballard also led the important discoveries of hydrothermal vents and "black smokers" in the Galapagos Rift and East Pacific Rise in 1977 and 1979 ... Dr ... .

Could mysterious marine fungi save us from antibiotic resistance?

New Scientist 05 Feb 2024
DNA sampling is revealing fungi thriving throughout the oceans, from hydrothermal vents to the open seas. They might even help tackle antibiotic resistance and clear up plastic pollution ... .

Riffling through the reefs: Can India's coral beds be saved?

Hindustan Times 02 Feb 2024
What is coral bleaching? ... Beyond coral research, C-Bot's potential applications include aiding the Navy in bathymetry studies and exploring hydrothermal vents (environments with extreme conditions where understanding active biology is crucial) ... ....