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Five things we learned about the state of the planet at the world's biggest meeting ...

The Conversation 16 Sep 2021
Every four years, some of the biggest issues facing the planet are thrashed out in a global meeting of conservation scientists ... Komodo dragons ... Sharks and rays ... Tuna ... These elements have amassed over millions of years near hydrothermal vents in the depths of the ocean, and companies are proposing stripping away sections of the sea floor to get them ... .

ALMA reveals carbon-rich, organic birth environments of planets

Phys Dot Org 15 Sep 2021
The new study unlocks clues about the role of molecules in planetary system formation, and whether these young planetary systems in the making have what it takes to host life ... ALMA's search for precursors to life far from Earth complements studies conducted in laboratories, and in places like hydrothermal vents on Earth." ... Explore further ... IV ... ....

Deep-sea mining gets a resounding rejection from conservation authorities

Mongabay 09 Sep 2021
MARSEILLE, France — Delegates at this year’s global conservation summit have voted overwhelmingly in support of a motion that calls for a moratorium on deep-sea mining and the reform of the International Seabed Authority (ISA), the U.N.-mandated body tasked with regulating this activity ... abyssal plains, seamounts, and hydrothermal vents.

A Climate Solution Lies Deep Under the Ocean—But Accessing It Could Have Huge Environmental Costs

Time Magazine 07 Sep 2021
Gerard Barron, the Australian CEO of seabed-mining company the Metals Company, calls them something else ... Meanwhile, China has focused investment on mining in the technologically challenging—and highly controversial—hydrothermal vent deposits of the deep sea, where it holds two additional exploration permits with the ISA ... deep.

Remotely operated vehicles recovered from seafloor after breaking free

Castanet 03 Sep 2021
They settled on the seabed 2,200 metres below the surface at the Endeavour hydrothermal vents marine protected area on the Juan de Fuca Ridge ... Nautilus research this year includes hydrothermal vents ... to support Ocean Networks Canada’s offshore observatory at the vents.

Dramatic global warming 55 million years ago was exacerbated by climate ‘tipping points’. research reveals

The Independent 01 Sep 2021
The research team also found evidence that the increased volcanism included “thousands of hydrothermal vents on a scale far beyond anything seen today”, indicating a huge amount of the volcanic activity was taking place deep underwater.

'Tipping points' in Earth's system triggered rapid climate change 55 million years ago, research shows

Phys Dot Org 31 Aug 2021
Scientists have uncovered a fascinating new insight into what caused one of the most rapid and dramatic instances of climate change in the history of the Earth ... Dr ... Dr. Kender added ... "The volcanism that caused the warming was probably vast deep intruded sills producing thousands of hydrothermal vents on a scale far beyond anything seen today ... DOI ... ....

Evolutionary 'time travel' reveals enzyme's origins, possible future designs

Phys Dot Org 25 Aug 2021
Four types of Asgard archaea have been identified, including Odin archaea, found in hydrothermal vents deep in the Atlantic Ocean ... The trimer could have been more stable in the extreme environment of hydrothermal vents, but the human enzymes might have traded this thermostability ...

"Tiger Stripes" on Enceladus could be even more unique than previously thought

Astronomy 25 Aug 2021
The spacecraft detected tiny grains of silica, too, which suggests the presence of hydrothermal vents. Temperatures may reach close to 212 degrees Fahrenheit within these vents, which would allow organisms to ... Like hydrothermal vents on Earth, those on Enceladus sit on the seafloor.

Phivolcs downgrades Bulusan Volcano's status to 'normal'

Manila Bulletin 18 Aug 2021
“This indicates that rock fracturing within the volcanic system associated with shallow hydrothermal activity has diminished,” Phivolcs said ... When present, Phivolcs said the emission of steam plumes from the active vents on the upper Bulusan edifice has been very weak to weak, consistent with diminished hydrothermal activity.

Underwater gold rush

The Manila Times 04 Aug 2021
First of 2 parts ... Other types of undersea deposits include "massive sulfides," deposits formed by undersea hydrothermal or volcanic vents and which contain quantities of copper, zinc, lead and gold; and "cobalt crusts," which form on the summits and flanks of seamounts and contain useful quantities of cobalt as well as some nickel and other metals.

Deep-sea dives akin to being in a Star Trek adventure: Ecologist Jon Copley

Hindustan Times 31 Jul 2021
Copley was on the first manned mission to Earth’s deepest-known hydrothermal vents, in 2013. He’s been on 20 deep-sea expeditions in all. Here’s what it feels like, what it takes, and why he does it ... He was on the first manned mission to Earth’s deepest-known hydrothermal vents, in the Cayman Trough, 5 km or 5,000 m below the surface, in 2013 ... Skip.

Study examines role of deep-sea microbial predators at hydrothermal vents (NSF - National Science Foundation)

Public Technologies 29 Jul 2021
Hydrothermal vent fluids from the Gorda Ridge spreading center in the Pacific Ocean create a biological hub of activity in the deep sea ... This protistan grazing, a key mechanism for carbon transport and recycling in microbial food webs, exerts a higher predation pressure at hydrothermal vent sites than in the surrounding deep-sea environment, a U.S.

Double-strand RNA exhibits traits different from single-stranded RNA

Phys Dot Org 28 Jul 2021
Messenger RNA, or mRNA, has been in the news recently as a crucial component of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines ... Parker and first author Ke Zhang, a Ph.D ... There is a long-held theory that life on Earth began in hydrothermal vents when smaller molecules came together to form RNA ... The conditions in these vents would have been alkaline.

How ethane-consuming archaea pick up their favorite dish

Technology Org 27 Jul 2021
U.S. National Science Foundation-funded researchers have discovered ethane-degrading microbes at hydrothermal vents in the Gulf of California’s Guaymas Basin at a water depth of 2,000 meters ... Image credit. WHOI ... The enzyme structure shows how these microbes from geothermally active vents became specialized in ethane capture ... Source. NSF ....

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