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How the first biomolecules could have been formed

Phys Dot Org 23 Jun 2022
The chemical precursors of present-day biomolecules could have formed not only in the deep sea at hydrothermal vents, but also in warm ponds on the Earth's surface ... They even found that one of the nucleobases, which represent the code of our genetic material, could have originated from the surface of our planet ... Free oxygen did not exist ... DOI ... ....

Caldera chronicles: Yellowstone Lake sediment reveals huge hydrothermal explosions

Victoria Advocate 17 Jun 2022
These cores provide a basis for understanding hydrothermal explosion deposits in sedimentary sequences on the bottom of the lake and supplement recent and ongoing research on hydrothermal fluid systems venting on the lake floor, some of which are among the hottest hydrothermal vents in all of Yellowstone National Park.

An ocean below Earth’s crust could be key to a habitable planet

Popular Science 17 Jun 2022
The deep water cycle is hidden under the Earth's crust. NASA ... No fish plumb its depths ... Or, most of it is ... Scientists already know that water can be dragged down to the mantle by subducting tectonic plates and brought back to the surface by things like volcanic eruptions, hydrothermal vents, and the creation of new crust at oceanic spreading centers.

Ancient Pilbara rocks provide a glimpse into cradle of life on Earth

Phys Dot Org 15 Jun 2022
The findings are evidence against the popular theory that life sprung from deep sea hydrothermal vents. In the enduring theory, it's thought that the heat and mineral-rich water in the hydrothermal vents attracted a huge diversity of microbial life, creating the ideal conditions where live organisms could form.

subROV - Official Trailer

IGN Insider 15 Jun 2022
Chart unknown regions, sample hydrothermal vents, discover new species--all while ...

Explains: How Does Life Begin?

Technology Org 14 Jun 2022
Digital illustration of microscopic life forms ... The idea is that the right basic ingredients mixed under the right conditions (perhaps like those found in an ancient hydrothermal vent) can form a “prebiotic soup,” from which a cascade of interactions between ingredients could ultimately set the stage for life ... Source. University of Wisconsin-Madison.

We Can Still Save the Quiet and Preserve the Dark

The Atlantic 13 Jun 2022
Photographs by Shayan Asgharnia Within the 310,000 acres of Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park, one of the largest parking lots is in the village of Colter Bay ... [ Read ... It teems with the sounds of breaking waves and blowing winds, bubbling hydrothermal vents and calving icebergs , all of which carry farther and travel faster underwater than in air.

Volcano Watch: Hawaiian Volcano Observatory scientist sets sail across the Atlantic

West Hawaii Today 11 Jun 2022
In other areas of the MAR, spectacular hydrothermal vents often form where magma provides heat as it rises to the seafloor ... During dives, they expect to explore deep-sea coral and sponge habitats, potential hydrothermal vent and extinct polymetallic sulfide systems, fracture and rift zones, and the water column.

Yellowstone's history of hydrothermal explosions over the past 14,000 years

Phys Dot Org 09 Jun 2022
While much of public attention on Yellowstone focuses on its potential to produce large supereruptions, the hazards that are much more likely to occur are smaller, violent hydrothermal explosions ... of hydrothermal explosions, venting, doming, and faulting, GSA Bulletin (2022).

OceanGate Expeditions Invites Media to Discuss Scientific Research Planned During 2022 Titanic Expedition - June ...

Ellensburg Daily Record 02 Jun 2022
ST ... Steve W. Ross ... Steve W ... Anna GebrukOceanGate Expeditions President and Chief Submersible Pilot, Stockton Rush ... J ... Steve W ... Ross ... ### ... The organization conducts undersea expeditions to explore and chronicle the 95% of the seafloor that man has never visited including iconic shipwrecks, hydrothermal vents, deep-sea canyons, and uncommon biological events.

Oceans of Learning: Get ready for World Oceans Day 2022!

RTE 01 Jun 2022
We are celebrating our seas this World Oceans Day (8 June) with the Marine Institute's Oceans of Learning series ... Science at sea ... Sea our Discoveries. Scientific surveys on Ireland's marine research vessels have resulted in many exciting discoveries - from deep-water shark nurseries, cold-water coral reefs, to hydrothermal vents in the mid-Atlantic ... .


Dawn 29 May 2022
The Miracle of Marine Life. By Sami Mustafa. Bookgroup, Karachi. ISBN. 978-9695504338. 150pp. “Just look at the world around you. Right here on the ocean floor. Such wonderful things surround you. What more is you lookin’ for?” ... Images from the book ... School, Karachi ... Readers will learn about coral reefs, hydrothermal vents, kelp forests and mangrove forests ... .

Scientists map out the next decade of solar system exploration

Astronomy 27 May 2022
RELATED TOPICS. THE SOLAR SYSTEM. Mars will stay in the spotlight through the 2030s thanks to a sample return mission ... A host of other smaller mission possibilities ... According to NASA, “Enceladus has most of the chemical ingredients needed for life, and likely has hydrothermal vents spewing out hot, mineral-rich water into its ocean.” ... .

Austin Gold Corp. Options the Stockade Mountain Project

The Galveston Daily News 24 May 2022
Austin Gold's Stockade project - hydrothermal/hot springs vent breccia (Photo ... The Company plans to initiate a systematic exploration program to include drilling beneath the known high-level gold/silver-bearing stockworks mineralization that will target high grade vein deposits formed deeper in the hydrothermal boiling zone along feeder conduits.

Zero-G Partnership With Oceangate Expeditions Demonstrates Link Between Space and Deep Sea Exploration

Victoria Advocate 24 May 2022
Mission Specialists are active crewmembers who receive training in a variety of roles ... ### ... The organization conducts undersea expeditions to explore and document the 95% of the seafloor that man has never visited including iconic shipwrecks, hydrothermal vents, deep-sea canyons, and uncommon biological events around the world ... Media contact. ... � ... ....

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