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CAT Strategic Stakes More Ground Around Its Gold Jackpot Property; Lithium Targets Are Top Priorities ...

Eagle-Tribune 08 Jun 2023
Increased Land Position in Known Lithium Discovery AreaLithium and Tellurium Exploration Planning Underway ... The recent discovery of highly anomalous lithium values reported by Surge Battery Metals Inc ... Alternatively, these N-S faults could have been hydrothermal vent structures that fed volcanic-related hydrothermal lithium-rich fluids up from depth.

"Tourons" Spotted Taking Photos On Top Of Scalding Yellowstone Thermal Vent

IFL Science 06 Jun 2023
Belle Jaeschke, the photographer, said that the people made the illegal move to enter the area rife with hydrothermal vents and geysers to take pictures, with one person even “pretending to warm their hands with the steam” ... There are many hydrothermal features in Yellowstone, but the one the couple stands on is a fumarole.

Is there life in the sea that hasn't been discovered?

Caledonian Record 05 Jun 2023
Then they found them, at spots called hydrothermal vents – first with underwater cameras and thermometers, next by sending humans down in Alvin, an underwater vehicle ... Deep-sea biologist Shannon Johnson describes hydrothermal vents and some of the creatures that thrive around them.

Petit-spot volcanoes involve deepest known submarine hydrothermal activity, may release methane

Phys Dot Org 01 Jun 2023
These volcanoes also produce a volcanic rock called peperite that results from the heating of water-rich sediment, which implies hydrothermal fluid production and methanogenesis. Thereby, it is suggested that petit-spot volcanoes may vent hydrothermal fluids containing methane.

Mongabay’s What-to-Watch list for June 2023

Mongabay 01 Jun 2023
The underwater world continues to surprise us with new discoveries across the world, both in the seas and freshwater ecosystems. Watch deep-sea footage from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, where a team of scientists discovered life thriving around hydrothermal vents hot enough to melt lead.

Researchers cultivate archaea that break down crude oil in novel ways

Phys Dot Org 01 Jun 2023
Only when it becomes too hot does the abundance of microorganisms appear to decline ... Microbial communities are especially active near hydrothermal seeps like those in the Guaymas Basin in the Gulf of California ... More information. Candidatus Alkanophaga archaea from Guaymas Basin hydrothermal vent sediment oxidize petroleum alkanes ... DOI ... Citation ... ....

James Webb Catches Saturn’s Moon Squirting

Futurism 31 May 2023
Squirtle Aqua Jet! ... Life-Like ... Enceladus itself is a pretty big deal because, as NASA discovered back in 2021, its unique hydrothermal vents could "very likely" host microorganisms like those we have on Earth, making it one of the most prominent potential sites for extraterrestrial life in our Solar System ... More on Saturn ... ....

New Study Shows How Geologic Forces Significantly Affect Earth’s Climate

Principia Scientific 30 May 2023
Yet another research study has concluded that geological forces appreciably affect the Earth’s climate and climate-related events as per Plate Climatology ... Major Volcanic Eruptions ... Tambora Eruption 1815 ... By the latest estimates, there are more than one million geological features such as hydrothermal vents, volcanoes, and lava flow flows ... (see here).

Novel in-situ pH measurement method for high-temperature hydrothermal systems

Phys Dot Org 29 May 2023
However, alkaline hydrothermal vents have only been found in the Lost City hydrothermal field in the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, accurately obtaining the in-situ pH of high-temperature hydrothermal vent fluids is a challenge ... "This study confirmed that alkaline hydrothermal vents ...

The amazing aerial acrobatics of swifts

The Spectator 23 May 2023
It happens usually in the second week of May, between about the 8th and 12th (this year it was earlier, the 2nd) ... He takes as his text the John Muir line ... Each living entity– swifts, humans, everything – goes back to the moment when monocellular life emerged, probably deep underwater where superheated metal sulphides spewed from hydrothermal vents ... .

My son’s aquatic empire has taken over the sitting room – and I am in ...

The Guardian 21 May 2023
His toys are lampreys, yeti crab and hydrothermal vents, the TV remote an ice research station ... there is to know about lampreys and the Mariana Trench , and asks solemn, probing questions about the yeti crab and hydrothermal vents.

My son’s aquatic empire has taken over the sitting room – and I am in over my head

The Observer 21 May 2023
As a result of said TV programme, my son knows everything there is to know about lampreys and the Mariana Trench, and asks solemn, probing questions about the yeti crab and hydrothermal vents ... leading to puzzled glances from adults who had no idea what a ‘hydo-fermal vent’ was.

Is it too late to halt deep-sea mining? Meet the activists trying to save the seabed

The Observer 21 May 2023
For almost 30 years, much of what went on at the secretive-sounding International Seabed Authority (ISA) in Jamaica was unreported and scarcely noticed ... Their warning is simple ... Photograph ... Regardless, miners hope to drill into hydrothermal vents (those iconic deep-sea chimneys), and also extract metals from mountains protruding from the seabed ... .

Did life evolve more than once? Researchers are closing in on the answerThe origin of ...

Deccan Herald 20 May 2023
By Jordi Paps for The Conversation. From its humble origin(s), life has infected the entire planet with endless beautiful forms ... Also Read ... But the current scientific consensus is that life emerged from non-living molecules in a natural process called abiogenesis, most likely in the darkness of deep-sea hydrothermal vents ... What is abiogenesis? ... Sign Up.

Discovery of functional prebiotic metabolism shows promise for improving carbon-capture technologies

Phys Dot Org 19 May 2023
submarine alkaline vents. Submarine alkaline vents are areas on the ocean floor where hydrothermal vents release hot, mineral-rich fluids ... In this study, researchers examined the possibility that the first carbon fixing cycles emerged in alkaline hydrothermal vent environments.

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