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Phivolcs: 113 tremor episodes at Taal Volcano in past 24 hours

Manila Bulletin 26 Feb 2021
(ALI VICOY / FILE PHOTO / MANILA BULLETIN). In its volcano bulletin issued on Friday, Feb. 26, Phivolcs said only weak steam-laden plumes were emitted by fumarolic (hydrothermal) activity at the vents of the main crater despite the occurrence of 113 tremor episodes ... 18 and Feb. 12, 2021, Phivolcs added ... .

Seafloor Microbes Are Living On The Products Of Irradiated Water

IFL Science 26 Feb 2021
Lifeforms living in sediment at the bottom of the ocean get their energy from chemicals produced from irradiated seawater ... you get the idea. Where sunlight isn't available, life sometimes still finds a way, for example feeding off the abundant heat and molecules around hydrothermal vents on the bottom of the ocean ... Image Credit. Justine Sauvage ... .

Speaking of Science: Perseverance and perception: important lessons from the search for life on Mars

Elko Daily Free Press 26 Feb 2021
HANNAH MARGOLIS ... In recent years, despite data from the Voyager and Cassini spacecrafts suggesting water oceans on Jupiter’s moon Europa and salt oceans with potential hydrothermal vents on Saturn’s moon Enceladus, our fascination with Mars has continued ... Perhaps one of the most stunning things about Mars is how similar it looks to places on earth ... .

What would a martian look like?

Alternet 25 Feb 2021
Scientists tell Salon. Probably not ... Yet Dr ... Why? ... Michael L ... "You basically go from being limited to that chemosynthetic life that needs to live near — energy sources like springs or hydrothermal vents or volcanic sources of the things that you need to live — to being able to spread out across large planetary surfaces that are based in light." ... .

The Mystery of Human Evolution Could Be Explained by Quantum Tunneling

Interesting Engineering 23 Feb 2021
But consensus suggests life began around hydrothermal vents under the oceans — where a cocktail of chemicals necessary for life fused simple organic compounds into complex ones, like DNA. This process — called abiogenesis — involves water near the vents moving ...

Cutting-edge technology to help Greek-led team sniff out potential quake spots

Kathimerini 21 Feb 2021
The Aegean Sea leg of the project will focus on areas off the coasts of Santorini and Milos where there are active hydrothermal vent fields that are known to respond to seismic activity. .

Researchers decode a deep-sea-vent-endemic snail hologenome

Phys Dot Org 19 Feb 2021
Deep-sea hydrothermal vents are characterized by extremely high hydrostatic pressures and darkness, and they can release fluids overheated by the Earth's crust, with concentrated toxic heavy metals and chemical substances. These characteristics make hydrothermal vents one of the most uniquely extreme environments on our planet.

Organic Molecules Found in 3.5 Billion-Year-Old Rocks

Heritage Daily 18 Feb 2021
A research team including the geobiologist Dr ... The current study, published in the journal ‘Nature Communications‘, now shows that solutions from archaic hydrothermal vents contained essential components that formed a basis for the earliest life on our planet ... The barite thus dates from a time when early life developed on Earth.

An Epic Journey to Adulthood Begins in the Intestines of a Deep-Sea Fish

The Atlantic 16 Feb 2021
It lives in one of the cushiest parts of the deep sea, in the shimmering waters near a hydrothermal vent that warms the freezing seas to the temperature of a kiddie pool ... Dykman works in the lab of the biologist Lauren Mullineaux, who has spent decades studying the hydrothermal-vent community where this zoarcid lived, ate, and died.

Effusive eruption at la Soufrière volcano, St. Vincent - Situation report No. 5 as of 8:00 pm on 9 February, 2021

Reliefweb 11 Feb 2021
La Soufrière Volcano, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines ... Monitoring systems are continuously manned and there is regular visual inspection of potential vent areas as well as continuous ground deformation and hydrothermal monitoring. .

Tom Crean sets sail again!

RTE 11 Feb 2021
The ship is named after Tom Crean who was a native of Annascaul in Co Kerry ... Lots of amazing discoveries have been made in Irish waters on the RV Celtic Explorer including the discovery of many ship wrecks, cold water corals, large mountains and canyons under the water and the Moytirra Hydrothermal vent and most recently a rare shark nursery. .

Human noise driving sea creatures to distraction

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 07 Feb 2021
The fish are not yet orange, striped or even capable of swimming ... DROWNING OUT THE SIGNALS ... Toadfish hum ... A healthy ocean is not a silent ocean -- hail crackling into white-crested waves, glaciers thudding into water, gases burbling from hydrothermal vents, and countless creatures chittering, rasping and singing are all signs of a healthy environment.

Deep ocean mission: NIOT’s crawler set to go 6 km deep next month

Business Line 05 Feb 2021
M Ravichandran, Director, NCPOR, told BusinessLine that the Centre would hire “a swarm of AUV (autonomous underwater vehicles)” and send them down 4 km in another area of Indian ocean, east of Madagascar, to check out marine life and minerals hydrothermal vents— openings in the ocean floor out of which hot, mineral-rich water flows.